Saturday, August 13, 2005

Taco Bell Nutrition Calculator

Okay, so every once in a while I do go to Taco Bell. It's cheap, and it's good! I usually get a 7-Layer burrito, a Beef Meximelt, and a Soft Taco Supreme (beef). Tonight, on a whim, I went to Taco Bell's web site. I looked up the nutritional value for this tasty combo of taco goodness, and was surprised to see the numbers. Here are just a few that surprised me:

1080 calories
51 grams fat (78% DV)
23 grams saturated fat (115% DV) ( ! )
100 mg cholesterol (33% DV)
2870 mg sodium (120% DV) ( ! )

Dude! That's some serious damage!


Anonymous said...

And this surprises you? Come on. Really. All of the truly fast food joints are like this. And JEEZ, you call all of that cheap?

An anonymous friend (maybe)

Brian said...

I guess I should say that I wasn't really surprised, probably just more disappointed, that I shouldn't eat as much Taco Bell as I would like to.

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