Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Massive Online ID Theft Operation Discovered

Sunbelt Software posted on their blog recently about a huge online identify theft operation that is pretty scary. According to Alex Eckelberry, the President of Sunbelt Software, sensitive information is logged to a file and then sent to a central server: "The server is in the US, but the domain is registered to an offshore entity. It is very sophisticated, however, we aren't sharing a lot of data for obvious reasons. We are in contact with the FBI. The types of data in this file are pretty sickening to watch. You have search terms, social security numbers, credit cards, logins and passwords, etc." It is recommended that you update your antivirus, antispyware, and system software. In addition, you should also use an outbound software firewall program such as the free Sygate Personal Firewall. As always, play it safe by not visiting web sites or opening e-mail attachments or installing programs that you are unsure about or seem shady. Read the fine print. Be paranoid! (Sources: Sunbelt Software, BetaNews)

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