Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dodging Spam Using Disposable E-mail Addresses

Target audience: Novice-Intermediate
Don't you hate it when you're trying to access a web page and they make you enter your e-mail address? Well, since this is how the majority of spammers get your e-mail address, you would normally just put in a fake e-mail address and click through. But sometimes, the site has to e-mail you the link or other information that you actually need before you can get to where you want. Here is where a disposable e-mail address comes in handy. Dodgeit, for example, is a great site that lets you use a free, throwaway e-mail address (i.e., Give the site your address, go retrieve the e-mail, and after 7 days, the e-mail is automatically deleted. You get your info, and the spammers don't get your real e-mail address. W00t! There are other disposable e-mail services out there as well. (Source: TipMonkies, Dodgeit)

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