Wednesday, December 21, 2005

No More Free PayPal on eBay

I recently put up some items for auction on eBay as I have done for years. I had some bids going and I was pretty stoked. Then, I got a disappointing e-mail saying my item was pulled because I would not accept credit card payments through PayPal, only free cash transfers. Duh! If you receive a credit card payment through PayPal, you are required to upgrade your PayPal account to a business or premier account and they take a percentage of the payment (not to mention the eBay listing fees). For years I have been using free cash "instant transfers" through PayPal and freely advertising this on my eBay auctions. Now that eBay is forcing me to accept credit card payments through PayPal and upgrade my account to a premier or business account, selling stuff on eBay is getting too expensive. Time to head over to Craigslist and list for free. Boycott eBay!

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