Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Better Browsing With Firefox Extensions

One of the coolest things about using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser is its support of extensions, which are simply small add-ons to the browser. Have you ever wanted to look up the definition of a word, or pull up a map of an address but you are annoyed by having to open another window (or tab), then copy and paste? Extensions might be what you're looking for. One extension that I use is called Dictionary Tooltip, which allows you to highlight any word on a web page, right-click, select View Definition, and bring up a slick, in-page window showing the definition. The latest version of Dictionary Tooltip costs 99 cents, so if you're cheap like me, check out the similar, free DictionarySearch extension.

GDirections is another sweet Firefox extension that allows you to highlight an address, right-click, and pull up a Google Local map in a new window or tab immediately. No more opening a new window, copying, or pasting. Okay, so I'm impatient! Well, I've only mentioned two extensions. There are many more Firefox extensions (1,230 as of this posting) for a wide variety of uses. To see add or remove extensions, within Firefox, click Tools, Extensions. Find the right combo of extensions to customize your Firefox experience! (Sources: Mozilla, Jeffrey Palm, Rjonna, Mozdev)

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