Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Play NES Games Online with vNES

Are you jonesin' for some old-school 8-bit Nintendo action? Look no further than vNES. You can play 250 Nintendo games online within your browser. I could only get the controls to work for one player, but this online emulator is pretty cool. I loaded up Rygar just so I could listen to the sweet music. (Source: vNES)

UPDATE (6/8/07): The vNES site can be accessed at Due to some legal concerns, the games are no longer hosted directly at this site, but the author is offering vNES as a download that can be installed on any web site. A link is provided to access vNES on another "mirror" site.


  1. shatterhand and gunsmoke... plus rc pro am seem to have a grasp on my brain at the moment... did you catch this link?

    nice to know all our gamecube games are for sure going to work...

  2. Cool! Yeah, it'll be fun to be able to buy a cheap GC game from somewhere and load it up on the Wii. The last console I got was a SNES years ago, and just a couple years ago bought a used N64 for like $20 to play Dr. Mario. Nintendo is back, woo hoo!

    Considering the virtual console built into the Wii with the ability to play older titles, it makes me wonder if Nintendo's lawyers are getting ready to go after vNES (let's hope not). And let's hope the virtual console in the Wii is all it's been hyped up to be--'cuz it's one of main reasons I will eventually purchase this console gaming system.

  3. I'll get you for this. Just when I thought I was going to do something productive, I stumble across this link...