Friday, February 23, 2007

Nasal Irrigation

My brother passed along this story from NPR about nasal irrigation to help clear out your sinus and nasal passages. Standing over the sink with what looks like a teapot shoved up your nose and a waterfall of saline gushing out may look strange, but those who regularly do nasal irrigation say that it clears you up, helps you breathe easier, and reduces sinus infection. (Source: NPR)


  1. Haven't you been sick ever since you started irrigating your nose? Maybe all the cleared up nasal passages somehow contributed to your sickness???

  2. Yeah, I'm not sure if nasal irrigation has led to this lingering cold, or if it's merely coincidental. (I'm not the only one suffering with it) I was already fighting a nasty cold/cough before I started using the neti pot. I have held off for a little while and will conduct further tests.