Monday, March 19, 2007

CrossLoop, Easy Remote Screen/Desktop Sharing

Do you provide remote assistance to friends, family, or clients? I've often found it extremely difficult to help people with their computers over the phone when the user is inexperienced or doesn't understand complex instructions. Like Remote Desktop or similar screen sharing programs, CrossLoop makes it super easy to view a remote user's screen and allows you to control the mouse and keyboard so that you fix that computer problem quickly.

The cool thing about CrossLoop is that it works behind restrictive firewalls and is super easy to setup. You don't need to configure firewall settings, forward IP addresses, or pull any tricks here. You simply install CrossLoop on both computers (yours and the remote user's), have the remote user click Host, then Connect, and then you enter the remote user's access code and click Connect. The program connects you to the remote computer through an encrypted connection. Very cool! (Source: CrossLoop)

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  1. Brian - Thanks from all of us at CrossLoop for bringing us to your readers.
    If you or they have questions, you know where to get me.
    Stay close to our stuff coming at a blog near you!