Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blockbuster Renting Nintendo DS Games Again!

When I got my Nintendo DS Lite back in March, I was disappointed when a Blockbuster employee told me that Blockbuster had discontinued renting DS games late 2005. The success of the Nintendo DS is amazing. Nintendo DS adopters over the age of 35 are up 212% and the handheld continues to outsell the Wii, PS3, XBOX 360. After hearing the disappointing news, I wrote two e-mails to Blockbuster over the course of a couple of months, asking them to reconsider. Maybe they read my e-mail, maybe they just realized how much profit they were missing out on.

Yesterday I was in my local Blockbuster store and found out that they are renting Nintendo DS games again! I'm not sure how many Blockbuster stores are renting DS games, or how long it has been going on. The manager at the local store said that they just started renting DS games again about a week earlier. Now you can get that hands-on with that new game you've had your eye on before you buy it. Woo hoo!

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