Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Cellulosic Ethanol Plant in U.S.

The first cellulosic ethanol plant, which will produce ethanol from any plant part (such as grass clippings and tree limbs) will be built in Georgia and will open next year. Cellulosic ethanol takes less energy to produce and won't require using valuable food crops such as corn and sugar cane. The new plant is expected to produce 100 millions of ethanol a year. (Source: EcoGeek, via Slashdot)

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  1. I first heard about this story on one of the big news websites, and I'm glad to see it got a spot on your blog. Since we (speaking generically) have "painted ourselves into a corner" with our reliance on automobiles, I think that finding new production methods for alternative fuels is not just a nice idea but a requirement for the long-term sustainment of our society as we know it. Keep your fingers crossed that this new technology delivers what it promises. If it does, this could be another baby step toward lessoning and eventually eliminating our dependence on foreign oil.