Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hidden Tooltips

It seems that with all of the fixes that Microsoft releases for Windows, that they ought to be able to easily roll out a fix that would fix this dreaded hidden tooltip bug in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Sometimes, tooltips become hidden behind the Windows task bar. The screenshot at the left was taken this morning from a newly-built Windows Server 2003 box. Microsoft says that "this issue may occur if you right-click and then open a file from a submenu in the Start menu. For example, this issue may occur when you click Start, point to My Documents or My Recent Documents, right-click a document, and then click Open." I was able to replicate the issue exactly as described on my machine also. The only resolution to this issue according to Microsoft is to either log off, and then log back on, or restart your computer.

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  1. There's a bug with my version of XP that takes my useful and witty blog comments and translates them into useless fodder that would have been better left untyped. See, it did it again!