Monday, November 22, 2010

My iPod Touch is Sad

For about a week now, my iPod touch (1st generation, iOS 3.1.3) has been acting funny.  When I plug it in to my MacBook (OS X 10.6.5), iTunes (10.1, 54) does not recognize the device, the wireless signal indicator does not show at all, the battery meter is incorrect, the audio pauses randomly, and I cannot turn off the device (by holding down the sleep button for 10 seconds and then sliding the "Slide to power off" control). I am able to force a power off by holding down the sleep button and the home button simultaneously for about 10 seconds. After a manual power down, things are normal again, but revert to the same weirdness after a few hours. Apparently there are others who are having the same problem. Any ideas?

UPDATE (11/28/10): Ever since I uninstalled the TGI Black Friday app from my iPod touch, things are back to normal now. Very strange. Anyone else have this problem?

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