Thursday, May 17, 2012

LastPass Wallet

If you were to lose your wallet, would you know your credit card numbers, and the customer service numbers to call in case you had to cancel your cards? What about other important information in your wallet? LastPass Wallet is a cryptographically secure solution on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad for saving and syncing important data should you become separated from your wallet. I've long been a fan of the multi-platform password management tool, LastPass. According to the LastPass,"Wallet stores the data you carry in your physical wallet on your iOS device, so you can securely backup your most valuable personal information to LastPass."

Wallet adds the ability to attach text, pictures, and audio recordings (secure voice recording available within the app--great for creating a quick memo), to your notes. All data will be synced with LastPass in your browser and mobile apps, but attachments are currently only available in Wallet. A quick test drive of the app shows that it is beautifully polished, snappy, and a delight to use.

As with anything LastPass does, security is never an afterthought. "Wallet offers security settings to restrict access to stored data. 'Logout on close' ensures that the active session is killed when the app is closed, while a pin code prompt can be used to re-authenticate when multitasking between Wallet and other apps." An Android version of LastPass Wallet is reportedly in the works as well. (Source: LastPass)

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