Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Confessions of a Car Salesman has an informative and entertaining piece called Confessions of a Car Salesman that reveals some secrets and tricks that car dealerships use to try to sell you an overpriced car. They hired a writer to take jobs at a couple of new car dealerships in the L.A. area. Chandler Phillips talks about his experience and offers some insights for the consumer.

Phillips says, "The system was designed to catch people off guard, to score a quick sale, to exploit people who were weak or uninformed. Those were our buyers...I know that many of the salespeople I worked with would take an extra thousand dollars profit without a thought, then laughingly brag about it to the other salespeople. The management of the dealership rewarded this kind of profit taking and called it superior salesmanship." Of particular value is the final installment called "Lessons from the Lot," which tells you what to watch out for. (Source:

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