Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stellar Customer Satisfaction

This week online movie rental web site Netflix experienced a major outage. The web site was inaccessible for most of Monday and DVD shipments were delayed by a day. For the majority of Netflix subscribers, this was not a big deal--web sites go down from time to time. Those red Netflix envelopes with DVD's inside were likely sitting on top of our DVD players collecting dust anyway, just waiting for us to find a couple of hours to sit down and enjoy a movie. But downtime, especially if your business depends solely on a web service being available, can seriously impact a company's stock value and public perception.

So, to counter any negative affects of this outage, Netflix has issued a 5% credit to all subscribers, seemingly without any pressure from customers. Well done Netflix! Not only is Netflix the best online movie rental service in terms of service, speed, additional features such as online streaming, and the ability to greatly customize your selections, but also they are willing to completely satisfy their customers. Netflix customer support has always been very responsive, and I am always greeted by a patient and helpful service representative when the rare occasion arises that I need to contact them by phone. This is much more than can be said for Blockbuster. (Source: AppScout)

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  1. That is good. Now if they could fix the on-line viewing. Ever since they went to unlimited hours (presumabely to counter recent ITunes offerings) the service has become much too slow.