Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Adobe Media Player

Hey Adobe, Joost called, it wants its app back! Adobe has released a standalone, flash-based streaming video program called Adobe Media Player. The application runs on the cross-platform Adobe AIR development environment and performs very well--way faster than Joost!

So, what is Adobe doing releasing a streaming video player? It already has a large market share in online video with its hugely popular flash video format ("Hello Youtubes!") It seems that the Adobe Media Player is a portal for content as it offers up shows and clips from networks such as CBS, DIY Network, Food Network, HGTV (my wife will love this!), MTV, PBS, and more. Whatever their plans, Adobe has created a fast, lightweight, very clean, user-friendly application that can deliver on-demand, standard and high definition video programming.

When you launch the Adobe Media Player, you see the "home" screen from which you can access shows from different networks. Noticeably absent from the list of networks is NBC and FOX. Hey guys, can't we all just get along? I love Hulu, but wouldn't it be nice if we could just pick one location for streaming shows online and stick with it, instead of jumping all over the place? But, where's the excitement in that?

The Adobe Media Player features a slick interface for content and the program feels quick and responsive. You can customize your favorites and receive regular updates to your favorite channels. Give it a try!

(Source: AppScout, Adobe)

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