Thursday, May 08, 2008

Truth Restored

In a departure from the normal topics I regularly post here, I'd like to take a moment to share my deepest convictions and bear testimony of those things which give me guidance and happiness. In this age of instant and abundant information, I would be selfish and foolish not to share the most valuable knowledge I have gained.

God lives, and is our loving Heavenly Father. He cares about us, His children, and has a plan for our eternal happiness. He sent his son, Jesus Christ, to earth to teach by example, and to carry out the atonement, which makes it possible for us to repent and return to God's presence.

God has called prophets in these days, just as He has done from the beginning of time. Joseph Smith is the first prophet of these latter days in which we live. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Lord's kingdom on the earth, and is led by Christ through a prophet and apostles, just as it was while he was on the earth. Thomas S. Monson is the prophet who leads the Church today, under the direction of Jesus Christ.

The Book of Mormon is the word of God and has been brought forth by the power of God to stand as an additional witness of Jesus Christ, alongside the Holy Bible. How thankful I am that the Lord cares so much for each one of us, and that He knows all of our struggles and deepest trials! He is willing to bless us and help us to overcome. This knowledge gives me and my family great joy. I know that these things are true by the power of the Holy Ghost, which I have felt in my heart, and which testifies of truth.

"We don’t ask any people to throw away any good they have got; we only ask them to come and get more. What if all the world should embrace this Gospel? They would then see eye to eye, and the blessings of God would be poured out upon the people, which is the desire of my whole soul."

"Thousands who have heard the Gospel have become obedient thereto, and are rejoicing in its gifts and blessings. Prejudice, with its attendant train of evil, is giving way before the force of truth, whose benign rays are penetrating the nations afar off. … The time was, when we were looked upon as deceivers, and that ‘Mormonism’ would soon pass away, come to naught, and be forgotten. But the time has gone by when it is looked upon as a transient matter, or a bubble on the wave, and it is now taking a deep hold in the hearts and affections of all those who are noble-minded enough to lay aside the prejudice of education, and investigate the subject with candor and honesty." (Joseph Smith)

I would like to invite all who read this to come unto Christ, to learn of Him, and of our Heavenly Father, and to read His words and obey His commandments.

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