Friday, January 26, 2018

Eric Chesser from HUSH has the right attitude

I participated in my first big game hunt in Utah last year. It was a general rifle spike elk tag, and I was totally excited! I quickly found out just how truly difficult elk hunting is, and after hunting hard for 6 days in 4 different locations, I never saw a single spike elk. To say I was disheartened and discouraged would be an understatement. I hope that I've learned from that experience, set my expectations, changed the way I think about how I measure success, and how my attitude can affect the outcome when facing adversity.

The following clip is from the YouTube channel Hushin, which features hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities videos. Eric Chesser, part of the HUSH crew, is struggling to find a deer and is feeling pretty low. But, he comes to the realization that even though he's having a difficult and frustrating hunt, there are a lot worse things than having a bad day hunting. His attitude completely shifts. Eric says, "We do all go through hardships...Be kind, be positive, give back when you can--it will make you feel better than anything ever will." I love this perspective--it made me want to be more grateful and positive when facing difficult challenges.

The best part is from 7:06 to 9:47:

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